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Child Support Directly to My Ex-Spouse?

In my practice, I receive a lot of questions involving child support daily.  One of the most common questions I receive is as follows:  “Should I pay support directly to my spouse?” A similar question: “Why should I [Read the full post. . .]

Valuing Marital Assets Accurately–Extremely IMPORTANT!!


One of the most important aspects of your divorce (besides custody of your children, of course) is to have correct valuations of marital assets.  Your attorney has the very important job of investigating, valuating, and objectively inventorying all [Read the full post. . .]

Temporary Restraining Order – A TRO Explained

What is a temporary restraining order?temporary restraining order

A temporary restraining order is a short-term, pre-trial, temporary injunction ordered by the court at the beginning of a divorce action.  The order is issued to protect both parties from immediate irreparable harm that [Read the full post. . .]

Divorce and Children: How to Talk to Your Child About Divorce

Think before you speak!  – Divorce and Childrendivorce and children

Divorce and children are a complicated, emotional pair.  Nothing weighs more on divorcing parents’ minds then how the divorce will affect their children.  Many parents stay with a spouse they are no [Read the full post. . .]

What constitutes Separate Property in Ohio?


Separate Property is defined as all real and personal property, and any interest in real or personal property that is found by the court to be any of the following:

  1. An inheritance by one spouse by bequest, devise, or
[Read the full post. . .]

Need an increase or decrease in child support? Think Deviation!!


You think your child support obligation should be less than the child support guideline amount, or you believe the child support you are receiving isn’t high enough in your case?  You may ask the court to consider a deviation [Read the full post. . .]

Divorce or Dissolution? (by Ohio Divorce Attorney)

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Divorce or Dissolution?

You may be able to save time and money by following Ohio’s simplified procedure for termination of your marriage. Ohio law provides that you may file a joint petition called a Petition for Dissolution. A dissolution represents [Read the full post. . .]

Child Custody and the UCCJEA

UCCJEA: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Actchild custody

Child custody matters are the most emotionally charged, and most important, issues dealt with by divorce attorneys.  Custody disputes arise between parents during, but more frequently after a divorce or dissolution, or  [Read the full post. . .]

Free Legal Advice: Don’t Listen to It!


– Free legal advice can cost you a lot!

free legal advice

When you have problems in your life you likely talk it out with your friends and family.  However, for legal advice you should only be seeking the advice of [Read the full post. . .]

Am I entitled to Spousal Support?

Formerly known as “alimony,” spousal support is payments to an ex-spouse which can be ordered by the Court or agreed to by the parties as part of a settlement.  ORC 3105.18 sets forth that “spousal support” means any payment or [Read the full post. . .]